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Tape, Strapping, Labels, and Mailers

Package, envelope, seal, palletize, label, and bind your products with top-quality shipping supplies that keep your shipment secure, tamper-proof, protected, and in dimensions that conform to shipping rates and guidelines.

Packaging adds value to your products and your business. The right shipping supplies for the right purpose means you can save on shipping costs, reduce damage, and deliver a quality unboxing experience for all types of customers.


Shipping Supplies



SupplyOne carries a massive selection of tapes for every application in a large selection of sizes, grades, and strengths. Browse our online catalog for our diverse selection of carton and packaging sealing tape, extra-strength glass filament tape, masking tape, paper tape with water-activated glue, flat-back tape, gum tape, label protection tape and more.  

Contact our Packaging Specialists to learn how we can customize your tape in color, pre-printed with your logo, cautions or instructions. 

Carton Sealing TapesCarton Sealing Tapes

Carton sealing tapes are the most commonly used method for sealing cartons today. Ranging in a variety of grades from light duty to high performance applications, SupplyOne carton sealing tape is manufactured to meet the highest standards. Our carton sealing tape is available in hand and machine varieties. 

Discuss Which Type of Carton Sealing Tape Is Best for Your Needs.

Paper Tape and Flat-Back TapePaper Tape/Flat-Back Tape

Paper tape or flat-back tape is designed for superior performance in a variety of packaging, splicing, and tabbing applications. This tape provides a quick positive seal under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

Flat-back products are versatile and specially designed for porous and rough surfaces, making them the ideal choice for paper mills and converting facilities. This tape works reliably in splicing applications with higher line speeds, and generally uses a heavier more flexible paper, allowing them to stick and form quickly and easily. Discuss your tape options and requirements.

Masking TapeMasking Tape

Masking tape is designed for superior performance in a variety of applications such as paint masking, holding, light-duty, splicing, bundling, packaging and more. SupplyOne premium grade masking tape sets the standard for the most demanding industrial, painting and transportation industry applications. Learn how masking tape can be used for your business.

Filament TapeFilament Tape

Filament tape is key for reinforcing packages or bundling items. This incredibly strong tape has fiber filaments that run through it, providing high tensile strength for jobs that need it.  

We stock a variety of grades of filament tapes to ensure that your package meets your desired expectations. Contact us to learn more about filament tape.

Water Activated Gummed TapeWater Activated Gummed Tape

Water activated gummed tape is frequently recommended by SupplyOne Packaging Specialists due to its highly effective sealing method. Water activated tape bonds with the carton surface regardless of temperature, delivering superior protection and a secure seal. This extra level of protection and security reduces damages and loss, helping you and your customers save money.

SupplyOne offers a range of water activated tape including custom printed tape. Contact us for information on printing your company name, logo, and phone number on your water activated gummed tape, giving you both extra security and a convenient way to extend company branding.

Strapping: Steel & Poly

SupplyOne specializes in meeting your complete packaging and shipping needs. Along with providing a wide selection of hand and machine strapping in steel, polyester, and polypropylene, we also stock a range of strapping machines.

Polypropylene StrappingPolypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is ideal for baling, bundling, palletizing and unitizing. Designed to run through hand tools and power strapping equipment, polypropylene strapping provides superior performance for light to medium duty bundling and carton closure applications. It has excellent elongation recovery properties, making it ideal for products that shrink or compress, such as top-iced food packages and newspaper bundles. Discuss your polypropylene strapping specifications and custom options.

Polyester StrappingPolyester Strapping

Because polyester strapping combines the performance attributes of both plastic and steel strapping, it is a stronger strapping material than steel. Because of its elongation and recovery characteristics, polyester strapping has a significant ability to absorb impact and remain tight throughout shipping, handling and. Unlike steel strapping, polyester does not rust or stain products if left exposed to the elements and reduces indentation of unprotected corners of your packaged products. Additionally, polyester strapping is recyclable, safer to handle than steel strapping, and places less strain on your loading equipment. Learn about polyester strapping options.

Steel StrappingSteel Strapping

SupplyOne also stocks steel strapping to protect your heavy shipments. Our line of steel packaging strapping offers regular duty as well as high tensile steel strapping. Both regular duty and high tensile steel strapping are sold by the coil. SupplyOne steel strapping is available in widths of 1/2", 5/8", and ¾". We also carry all of the tools and seals necessary for steel strapping applications. Discuss how steel strapping is ideal for your heavy shipments.

Seals and BucklesSeals and Buckles

SupplyOne offers a complete line of seals and buckles for steel, polyester, and polypropylene strapping. Our seals are designed for use in a wide variety of tools and equipment. Our buckles should be used for plastic strapping applications where the strap is buckled by hand. Contact our packaging specialists.

Labels: Shipping & Branding

A poorly labeled package results in shipping and mailing mistakes, lost packages, damaged products, frustrated customers, and lost time and money. Rely on SupplyOne labelling expertise to ensure that your labels help you stand out with shippers, suppliers, and customers.

LabelsShipping Labels

You’ve assembled, packaged and packed your goods with the utmost care. Keep precious cargo safe in the shipping and storage process with labels that do extra-duty.

Along with pre-printed labels (this side up, fragile, dangerous, rush, handle with care, do not top load, etc.), we offer custom printed labels, tags, and packaging slips. Contact our packaging and labelling specialists.

Thermal Transfer LabelsThermal Transfer Labels

We offer a range of options for thermal printing labels including bright white material, removable adhesives, all-temperature, polymers for harsh environments, bright colors to help improve visibility, synthetic papers for durability, and more. SupplyOne thermal transfer labels are available on 3” core and fanfold. Contact our packaging and labelling specialists.

Direct Thermal LabelsDirect Thermal Labels

A quick way to print labels, the direct thermal process uses heat and a coating to affix your label. Thermal transfer labels in 1” core, 3” core, and fanfold are an ideal way to get your product labeled and ready for shipment. Learn about our direct thermal labels.

Mailers: Stock & Custom

Whether you need stock or custom mailers, SupplyOne has what you need. We offer a wide range of Kraft bubble, poly, and bubble out mailers. Know that your small, fragile, or individual items are protected and packaged for easy shipment and labeling.

Kraft Bubble MailerKraft Bubble Mailer

Kraft bubble mailers are light-weight, protective and made with laminated golden Kraft paper. Delivering resilient cushioned protection, this bubble mailer is constructed with a bottom fold and strong side heat seals for superior bursting strength. The pressure sensitive self-seal adhesive closure ensures a reliable and tamper-proof seal that is easy to use. Kraft bubble mailers are ideal for books, jewelery, pharmaceuticals, and other small items. Need a custom look? Talk to our packaging specialists about custom printed mailers.

Poly MailersPoly Mailer

Poly mailers are quickly becoming the shipping mailer of choice for many ecommerce retailers. The inherent durability and lightweight help lower shipping costs and are easy to deliver directly to consumer mailboxes. SupplyOne offers custom printed poly mailers, allowing you to extend company and brand marketing. Learn more about stock and custom poly mailers.

Bubble Out MailersBubble Out Mailer

Bubble out mailers are designed to protect small fragile items in the shipping process. Know that your products are protected from the hazards of shipping and handling. Order bubble out mailers from SupplyOne.

Packing List Envelopes

Packing List EnvelopesSupplyOne stocks a range sizes and options in packing list envelopes. These self-adhesive envelopes are designed to stay securely in place and to withstand the normal wear and tear of shipping. Our packing list envelopes are available pre-printed (Packaging List Enclosed, Invoice Enclosed, and more) and blank.

Contact our Packaging Specialists to learn about out custom and stock packing list envelope inventory.

Learn About our Custom and Stock Packing List Envelope Inventory.

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