Sustainability Goal: 

Big Impact. Little Footprint.


Mother and Child

SupplyOne is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business operations and the packaging products we sell and making it easy for our customers to do the same.

We do this by customizing packaging solutions that help our customers achieve their sustainability goals without sacrificing performance or profitability.

We approach our solutions with a complete perspective that spans every aspect of packaging ownership from design and material selection, to packaging-related processes, and distribution through end-of-life.  Our custom packaging solutions are purpose-built to optimize our clients’ operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase working capital.


Packaging a greener future.

Sustainability can take on many meanings for businesses.  For some, sustainability is a part of their core set of values. For others, it means a shift in how they make and sell products. And for still others it means reducing waste and costs and increasing operational efficiency.  Whatever your definition of sustainability, we can tailor a solution to help you package for a greener future.

Our Packaging Specialists marshal our custom manufacturing capabilities, extensive supplier network, packaging automation expertise, and broad range of complementary services to deliver eco-friendly solutions to reduce waste and save resources without compromising our customers’ competitiveness.

We help businesses embed sustainability into every area of their packaging operations so they can create new sources of value—and deliver on their values

95% of the packaging materials manufactured by SupplyOne are produced from renewable, recycled, or recyclable sources

What we're doing to make packaging more sustainable

  • Manufacturing and sourcing materials that can be single streamed.
  • Sourcing materials that utilize recycled and post-consumer recycled materials from environmentally responsible suppliers – all production waste is 100% recyclable.
  • Re-engineering packaging components to eliminate non-renewable materials, reduce packaging density, enhance re-usability and recyclability to extend shelf-life, and reduce damage and transit-related costs.
  • Recommending alternatives to existing non-renewable packaging and packaging components to make packaging more eco-friendly - recyclable, renewable, compostable, biodegradable, or reusable.
  • Minimizing returns and transit damage with better packaging and sustainable product protection.
  • Providing packaging Life cycle audits to assess and communicate the environmental impact.
  • Specification development to ensure packaging consistency with our customers’ sustainability objectives
  • Helping customers achieve APASS certification and Walmart  certification to extend marketability
  • Engineering damage and returns out of the supply chain with packaging optimized for distribution

How we are making our customers' packaging-related operations more sustainable

  • Reducing spoilage and enhancing safety with SQF certification at SupplyOne facilities
  • Conserving space in supply chain and fuel in logistics with optimized packaging materials
  • Removing complexity and excess, non-eco-friendly components from packaging with packaging assessments
  • Streamlining the packaging process to conserve energy and labor and minimize rework with packaging equipment and automation
  • Shrinking the carbon footprint by consolidating orders and maximizing truck density
  • Applying source reduction strategies through supplier consolidation
  • Improving warehouse space and utilization through inventory management strategies
  • Reducing storage and handling through order consolidation
  • Customizing equipment and automation solutions that can handle sustainable materials and customer needs as business and consumer tastes change
  • Amplifying efficiencies, waste avoidance and energy savings through line layout and design consultation
  • Evaluating opportunities to provide reusable or closed-loop packaging

Sustainable solutions that build sustainable long term relationships.
Ready to start your sustainability journey?


We integrate sustainability into how we think, not just what we sell.

Since day one, our goal has been to drive cost and complexity out of packaging and packaging management to enhance efficiencies, eliminate complexity, reduce your resource requirements, and shrink your total cost of ownership to help our customers be more profitable.  From packaging design to delivery to your customer, we find opportunities to improve your packaging, and reduce waste and the resources needed to manage, package, protect and transport it – a truly sustainable approach to total packaging management.

Redesigned packaging proves less (complexity) = more (savings).


Truly sustainable operations are both a destination and a continuing journey.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and will continue striving to improve our environmental performance over time. As technology improves, SupplyOne will initiate additional projects and activities to further reduce our impacts and our carbon footprint, as an effective program of continuous improvement. What we’re doing…


    In our offices


    • Educating our employees about sustainability
    • Sorting and recycling office materials, donating used electronic equipment, and contributing to local recycling campaigns
    • Utilizing energy efficient lighting in our manufacturing, warehouse, shipping and offices


    Custom Corrugated Converting Plants


    • Limiting waste in converting and distribution facilities with SQF certification
    • Recycling excess trim and waste that would otherwise end up in landfills
    • Utilizing non-toxic cleaning chemicals and  green cleaning procedures 
    • Printing with environmentally friendly water-based inks.

    Custom Thermoformed Packaging


    • Encouraging renewable curbside recycling packaging options in PET, PP and HDPE
    • Designing to minimize material usage and eliminate over packaging while focusing on yield improvements
    • Recycling and reusing scrap from the thermoforming process


    Packaging Supplies


    • Partnering with more than 4000 manufacturers and distributors enabling us to provide customers with objective guidance and sustainable alternatives to existing packaging formats
    • Accessing sustainable innovations in recyclable, compostable, single stream packaging products to stay ahead of new technologies and innovations that will help SupplyOne and our customers achieve sustainability goals.

    Packaging Equipment and Automation


    • Consulting to improve line-layout and design resulting in reduced energy costs and reduced labor challenges 
    • Objective selection from best-in-class packaging machinery and robotics solutions to provide better packaging that extends shelf life and minimizes waste
    • Factory-trained technicians provide expert modifications to adapt machinery for sustainable consumables and to keep pace with customer and related requirements




    • Complimentary Back office, Pre-Shipping, Warehouse & Fulfillment and Project Management and On-Site services take waste, inefficiencies, labor and cost out of almost every aspect of packaging ownership.

    Sustainable solutions that build sustainable long-term relationships.
    Ready to start your sustainability journey?


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