Company Acquisition

When you’ve spent years building a company that’s earned a market-leading reputation, diversifying your holdings is a significant decision. Ensuring a return on your hard work is vital, but so is maintaining the well-being of your team and customers, and preserving the unique culture that fueled your growth.

No Better Place To Build Upon A Legacy Of Success
SupplyOne is distinguished as the preferred acquirer for independent-owned packaging companies in North America. Owners choose us because our culture aligns with theirs. We preserve the entrepreneurial spirit and customer-focused service that set them apart, rather than eliminating it. This high-growth culture helps exceptional people achieve outstanding results, making us the top choice for owners seeking security for their teams and the preservation of their successful culture.

Supportive Acquisition Approach
Unlike acquirers who drain resources and capabilities from their acquisitions, SupplyOne supports and invests in your team. We don’t rely on financial engineering or staff reductions for profitability. Instead, the team you needed pre-acquisition remains post-acquisition. We offer job security, access to industry-leading learning resources, and opportunities for collaboration.

We ask owner leaders to stay with SupplyOne post-acquisition to ensure a smooth transition, with the length of stay dependent on the owner's timeline. Some company presidents who sold to us have been with SupplyOne for over twenty years.

Proven Track Record
Since 1998, forty independent-owned businesses have joined SupplyOne. Each acquisition showcases success and added value. We can connect potential sellers with owners who have sold their businesses to us.

Criteria For Acquisition
SupplyOne acquires sheet plants and packaging distributors with compatible product lines, where our capabilities add new value for customers. Ideal acquisition targets have revenues of $25+ million and a history of profitable growth. We will also consider smaller companies if they can be integrated with an existing SupplyOne location.

Contact Us
If you’re considering diversifying your holdings and want to learn more about setting your company up for its next growth phase, schedule a confidential conversation with Nathan Barton, SVP, Corporate Development & Acquisitions by emailing