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Better and smarter food packaging.

SupplyOne Food Packaging experts have extensive experience working with mid-market food processors. We partner with the broadest range of best-in-class packaging and equipment manufacturers globally. Whether we are recommending packaging materials, equipment, innovative design, or process improvements, you can depend on SupplyOne to be your independent and objective business partner.

Our food packaging options are unlimited and include vacuum packaging films, bags, pouches, trays, lidding films, containers, specialty packaging, cold chain supplies and more. Whether you’re packaging protein, seafood, dairy, produce, snack, bakery items, or ready to eat products, SupplyOne food packaging specialists can assist you with all of your primary, secondary, tertiary, and master shipper packaging, including food processing equipment requirements.  


Cover Image: Unleash the Power of Packaging


Unleash the Power of Packaging

Whether you’re packaging meat, poultry or fish; fresh, frozen, processed or ready-to-eat, SupplyOne delivers complete solutions that turn packaging into profit.

Food Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Pouches - Stock and CustomVacuum Pouches – Stock and Custom

Vacuum pouches are constructed with varying barrier properties, and engineered to perform. Rest easy knowing our vacuum pouches work with most vacuum chamber equipment and result in predictably reliable seals, ensuring your proteins, cheese, and seafood are safe, have a quality shelf-life, and strong optical properties.

Stand-up PouchesStand-up Pouches – Stock and Custom

Stand-up pouches are the new go to for many retailers who want their products to garner attention on the shelf, while maximizing shelf space. These pouches are available in clear, standard, and high barrier formats. Stand-up pouch features include re-closable zippers, easy-opening tear notches, and brilliant clarity.

  • Clear and colors
  • Windows
  • Valved
  • Rounded corners
  • One-way degassing valves
  • Tear notches
  • Re-closable zippers

Need a custom stand-up pouch? SupplyOne’s Food packaging experts can provide you with the best pouch for your application and objectives. Shrink, non-shrink and vacuum pouches are available in a range of formats and sizes:

  • Plain & printed
  • Co-extrusions & laminations
  • Standard & high barrier
  • 3, 4, 5 mil stock
  • Gusseted & zippered
  • #4 cheese pouches
  • Rotisserie chicken bags
  • Tea packaging
  • Coffee bags
  • Stand-up pouches
  • M-seal

Retort Pouches - Stock and CustomRetort Pouches – Stock and Custom

When you want an alternative to traditional can packaging, retort is an outstanding choice. Designed to extend the shelf life of food products, retort pouches come in custom and stock options. You can depend on high-quality laminations that withstand the high temperatures required in thermal processing, and tear notches for easy opening.

Thermoforming Films - Stock and CustomThermoforming Films – Stock and Custom

Thermoforming films are a common component of food packaging for a variety of meat, cheese, fresh, frozen, and seafood foods and products. Regardless of whether your packaging requires a forming or non-forming film you can count on our thermoforming films to deliver dependable performance to protect your products, and on-target optics to showcase them to the best effect.

Forming Films - Stock and CustomForming Films – Stock and Custom

Forming films are ideal for packaging fresh and processed proteins, cheeses, meals and seafood. SupplyOne thermoforming films offer high contact clarity, exceptional sealing properties and forming, sealing and cutting characteristics. 

SupplyOne non-forming film options include laminated and coextruded films with exceptional machinability, hot-tack properties, and resilience. 

  • Standard, low, high barrier
  • Cook in applications
  • Standard and custom webs widths
  • Seal layers
  • Printing

Lidding Films - Stock and CustomLidding Films – Stock and Custom

Top Lidding films are applied in a form, fill, and seal process, or to thermoformed trays for modified atmosphere and vacuum skin packaging applications. Whether you are packaging vegetables, fresh fruit, meats, dairy products, desserts salads or sandwiches, we have the lidding film you need to lock in freshness and grab customer attention. SupplyOne can provide the entire packaging solution with a large selection of stock and custom thermoformed trays.  Need food packaging equipment for an inline or sealing solution? Yes. We have that too.

Shrink Lidding Films – Stock and Custom

Anti-fog and clarity are the hallmarks of shrink lidding films. Use them for form, fill and seal applications and when using a tray sealing set up.

VSP FilmsVSP Films

VSP or vacuum skin packaging films have high barrier properties that lead to improved shelf life. Typically used to package meats, poultry and fish, the film creates a tight, eye-catching presentation. The films have outstanding clarity and anti-fog properties making your product  standout in both form, fill and seal and when used with thermoformed trays.

Converter Films

Designed for top lidding and flow-pack applications.

Want to take you packaging to the next level? Talk to our Food Packaging Specialists about a custom option. SupplyOne’s Food Packaging Specialists are adept at helping you select the thermoforming film with the barrier properties, clarity, gloss, gauge, and construction, sealing and cutting characteristics for your product and packaging applications.

Regardless of your tray or cup filling application, we have the lidding films that grab consumer attention and locks in freshness. Choose from a selection of films compatible with tray and container materials.

  • Forming & non-forming
  • Plain & printed
  • Flexo & rotogravure
  • 12 color capability
  • Co-extrusions & laminations
  • Low to high barrier
  • Suitable for retort packaging applications
  • Microwaveability
  • Permanent and peelable seals
  • Anti-fog
  • MAP Flexible barrier films
  • Form, fill & seal films
  • Bakery films
  • OTR and micro-perforation
  • Custom barrier properties
  • High clarity

Shrink Bags - Stock and CustomShrink Bags – Stock and Custom

Shrink bags conform to a product when heat is applied, providing a secure fit around the shape of your product. Our FDA approved bags are an excellent packaging option for cheese, fish, and meat. 

Shrink bags features including high clarity and printing and non-printing options mean that these bags stand out in retail applications and enhance their versatility. These bags offer barrier properties, protecting food and ingredients from the impacts of shipping, handling, transporting, and the environment.

Choose from our in-stock shrink bags, available in flat packs and on rolls in a multitude of sizes. 

Need a special bag unique to your application and end-use? Contact our Food Packaging Specialists to take advantage of their packaging engineering and design expertise. 

  • Plain & printed
  • 10 color
  • Bone guard protection
  • Loose or tapered
  • High barrier bags
  • Respiring bags for cheese
  • Poultry bags

Packaging Films

Packaging FilmsUsed for tray sealing, horizontal form fill and seal, vertical form fill and seal, and vacuum skin applications, thermoforming films provide a flexible barrier and a variety of optical and physical properties for your direct food contact applications. Thermoforming film barrier properties safeguard your food products, extend their shelf life and make them stand-out in the display case. Certified under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), you can be confident these films are safe for all of your tray lid, form, fill and seal packaging applications.

Whether your packaging calls for top lidding film, shrink lidding film, skin top film or vacuum films, SupplyOne is your source for direct contact films.

SupplyOne food packaging films are available in:

  • Plain & printed
  • 10 color presses
  • Co-extrusions & laminations
  • V/F/F/S & H/F/F/S
  • Breathable & barrier lidding films
  • MAP & CAP technology
  • Thermoforming

Discuss Our Food Packaging Films Options

Shrink Film and WrapShrink Film & Wrap

Shrink film or shrink wrap, is a thin film manufactured from a plastic based material. Due to its high level of transparency and clarity, shrink film is typically used for a wide variety of products with diverse shapes, sizes and weights. 

Shrink wrap brings sales appeal distinction to your products. The shrink-wrapping process involves using a shrink wrap roll in combination with shrink wrap equipment. The equipment can be as simple as a handheld, single bar sealer, an industrial grade blow dryer or a sophisticated semi-automatic or fully automatic machine.

Contact our Food Packaging Specialists to discuss your shrink film food packaging options.

Bundling FilmBundling Film

Bundling film can be sealed in a shrink tunnel or with a heat gun. It has excellent tear and puncture resistance making it a good choice for securing heavy and irregularly shaped food products. 

Contact our Food Packaging Specialists to learn more about bundling film.

Stretch FilmStretch Film

Known as stretch wrap, pallet wrap, or stretch film - this highly elastic plastic film is wrapped around loads to provide stability during movement. The elastic recovery of the film keeps the items tightly bound together. Additionally, stretch film offers your loads a measure of tamper evidence and protection from the elements.

Stretch film is manufactured by adding different chemical mixtures to the base polyethylene material features that result in memory, strength and cling. SupplyOne’s Packaging Specialists can help you chose the specific material you will be happiest with.

We carry a variety of stretch films for different applications and industry sectors including standard, extended core and black security wrap. Whether applying stretch film by hand or with a stretch wrap machine, we have you covered. Contact our Food Packaging Specialists to learn how stretch film can protect and stabilize your products.

Banding FilmBanding Film

Banding film provides great cling and puncture resistance for a wide variety of uses including bundling items for Fed Ex or UPS, banding product on a pallet for internal transfer, and wrapping pipe and wood while replacing adhesive tape to eliminate damage from sticky residue. Contact our Food Packaging Specialists to learn more about SupplyOne banding film options.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves conform to the shape of a product or container. This food packaging helps attract attention with the wraparound label feature that conforms to the shape of a product or container.

Contact our Food Packaging Specialists to learn more about SupplyOne shrink sleeves.

Film StructuresFilm Structures

Our flexible packaging film structures and laminates are ideal for both dry food packaging and liquid applications. This food packaging creates a layer of insulation the protects your food products from the impacts of shipping, handling, and environmental conditions.

A range of packaging materials including polyethylene, polyester, nylon, and film oil laminations are used to create laminate structures specific to food protection and packaging. Our selection of flexible packaging film structures, laminates, and coatings deliver improved sealing capabilities.

This flexible laminate material is suited to a range of markets including pet food, frozen food, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Our flexible packaging materials and structures are customized to meet your product’s specific barrier needs. This customization helps increase long-term endurance and protects your products from harmful outside elements during transport and on the shelf.

Contact our Food Packaging Specialists to learn about SupplyOne value-add features including gloss or matte finish, press-to-close zippers, hang holes, spouts, fitments, valves, tear notches, laser scoring, and more.

SupplyOne food packaging film structures options include:

  • Custom, engineered laminations, & extrusions
  • Metalized
  • Foil
  • OPP & CPP
  • PET
  • PE/PP produce films
  • Paper/foils/PE
  • Pre-zippered, inno-lock
  • Self-venting technology for cook-in packaging
  • Nylon tubing

Learn More About SupplyOne Film Structure Options.

Labels - Pressure SensitiveLabels - Pressure Sensitive, Variable Information, Specialty Papers, Synthetics Materials

  • Prime Labels
  • Produce labels
  • Weigh Scale labels
  • Organic/ Non-GMO labels

Specialty PackagingSpeciality Packaging

Our speciality food packaging options include:

  • Netting
  • Bone guard
  • Soaker pads

Coated papers and interleavers provide food grade protection and cushioning.

Contact our Food Packaging Specialists to learn more about SupplyOne specialty food packaging.

Trays and ContainersTrays & Containers

SupplyOne food trays and containers are FDA approved and span the gamut from retail-ready compartmentalized trays to freezer, dual ovenable, and microwaveable trays to packaged ready-to-eat meals, bakery items, produce, salads, deli items, and more

We stock a range of food trays and containers:

  • Barrier (MAP) & non-barrier
  • Microwaveable & dual Ovenable
  • Foam
  • Foil
  • Paper
  • Cups, tubs, pails
  • Clamshells (hinged & 2 piece)
  • Bakery
  • Produce
  • Deli
  • Produce partitioned trays & lids
  • Custom thermoforming
  • Custom corrugated

Discuss Your Food Packaging Needs.

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