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Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging is cost-effective, protective, lightweight, and recyclable.  It can be printed, die-cut, and laminated, making it a wise go-to for protecting, showcasing, storing and transporting your products.


SupplyOne offers an extensive selection of stock corrugated options in a multitude of sizes. Our broad custom manufacturing and design capabilities provide next level benefits to increase brand recognition, reduce transportation and handling costs to improve profits and efficiency.

Learn how we can transform your brown box.

Stock Corrugated Packaging


Stock CorrugatedCorrugated Cartons

SupplyOne carries hundreds of types of corrugated boxes and cartons in all shapes, grades, flutes, bundle quantities, and sizes. Corrugated pads, fan-folds and rolls complement our corrugated cartons to cushion and protect goods.

Choose from a wide range of in-stock corrugated cartons for immediate delivery, in a broadest range of sizes – from basic cube boxes to bin boxes.

Choose from our selection of regular slotted cartons, die-cuts or one-piece folder and have them custom printed or laminated, and UV coated. Take advantage of our customized design options to get boxes that match your company image while protecting and promoting your product.

  • Die-Cuts: self-locking folders with minimal requirements for tape or strapping. Provides protective corners and can be used as a small inner pack.
  • RSCs: the most common corrugated option. This is a rectangular box with top and bottom flaps and requires a tape and/or glue closure.
  • HSCs: open corrugated box without top or bottom flaps. Often used in citrus and produce packing.
  • FOLs: ideal for heavy items, this box includes fully overlapping flaps to provide additional strength and security.
  • POLs: ideal for mid-weight items, this box uses partially overlapping flaps.
  • AFMs: provides a smooth interior surface, ensuring that no edges or flaps are exposed to the product.
  • Bin Boxes: small bin boxes can be used as trays, and large bin or ‘dump’ boxes can be used for bulk pack items, such as pillows.
  • One-Piece Mailers: a single piece of corrugated that folds with only one closure seam. The typical corrugated packaging used for books, magazines, single pictures, frames, etc.



Corrugated PadsCorrugated Pads

Corrugated pads are often used as padding between fragile items and used as a layering pad on pallets to disperse weight evenly. Pads help keep tops of products dust free during storage and help prevent strapping and forklift damage.

Corrugated RollsCorrugated Rolls

Corrugated rolls are a rigid, resilient, and recyclable paper-based packaging material. Designed for cushioning and puncture resistance, single-face rolls are ideally suited for flat products that need protection. Rolls are easy to handle and can be used to interleave or outer wrap. These rolls are also ideal for filling a void within shipping boxes. SupplyOne offers single-face corrugated rolls for a greener choice with 100% recycled and biodegradable content.

Corrugated Fan-FoldCorrugated Fan-Fold

Contact us about our made-to-order custom manufactured corrugated fan-fold. Corrugated fan-fold is a continuous corrugated board, accordion folded into a bale. Bales are either pre-scored to fit customer specifications, for a specific box shape and size, or not scored to be used to package products that have varying lengths and widths, helping you save money and reduce your multiple box SKUs.

Discuss Your Corrugated Pad, Roll, and Fan-Fold Options.

SupplyOne Custom Corrugated Products

From designing and prototyping custom die-cuts, and printed boxes – we do it all. SupplyOne’s packaging engineers and designers use the latest technologies and are adept at creating custom corrugated packaging solutions that are right sized for your products, their distribution, and your marketing strategy. Whether your concern is product protection, reducing shipping costs, promoting your brand, accentuating value or an unmatched unboxing experience, SupplyOne has the custom corrugated packaging solution to fit your needs and style. 

Custom corrugated packaging solutions enhance product protection, reduce damages, and help you minimize shipping costs. A custom solution reduces your waste, saves you time, lowers your total cost of packaging ownership, and takes you beyond the plain brown box. 

Our custom corrugated capabilities include:

  • Single wall
  • Double wall
  • Triple wall
  • ECT
  • Mottled white
  • Special colors
  • Multi-color printing
  • High-end graphics


There are no limits on what you can expect, and on what we deliver. If you need a combination of paper and plastics – we can do this. Elevate your brown box.

Custom Corrugated Packaging

Point of Purchase DisplaysPoint of Purchase Displays

A custom designed corrugated point of purchase display makes it easier for your product and brand to stand out in the crowded retail environment. Our team of packaging specialists are ready to re-design your existing displays or to design, build, and manufacture custom point of purchase displays from start-to-finish.

Custom corrugated point of purchase displays are ideal for food, automotive, beverages, and soft goods such as clothing and household supplies. Discuss your point of purchase display requirements with our packaging specialists.

Digitally Printed CorrugatedLitho and Flexo Retail Packaging

Custom corrugated packaging allows you to control your brand and product messaging. With a range of printing options including litho and flexo, we can design retail packaging to meet your exact specifications.

Our packaging designers use the latest in printing and design technologies to give you retail packaging that captures customer attention and tells your brand story.

Digitally Printed Corrugated

Digitally printed corrugated gives you a powerful advantage over your competitors. The latest in corrugated printing technology, digital printing allows you to bring eye-catching designs and colors to any shape or size of corrugated box.

Digital printing is ideal for your point of purchase displays, bins, standees, counter top displays, and any other corrugated packaging that needs to clearly communicate your brand and product messaging. Ready to personalize your packaging? Contact us.

Counter Top DisplaysCounter Top Displays

Custom counter top displays are an ideal way to promote a range of products. Using custom designs, shapes, box styles, and printing technologies, there is no limit on what your counter top display can do. 

Many companies use these displays to roll out and promote new products, by positioning them at the cash register or in other key locations in retail stores to capture customer attention. Talk to us about designing counter top displays that include added features such as tear-off coupons, touch screens, and QR codes.

Learn How a Counter Top Display Can Be an Integral Part of Your Product and Brand Promotion Strategy.

Dump Bins/StandeesDump Bins/Standees

An effective dump bin or standee features eye-catching graphics, bright colors, and clearly communicates your product value. Dump bins are ideally suited to beverages and should feature high visual impact graphics. Standees are extremely versatile and can be easily incorporated into an existing marketing campaign or to help promote a contest or product.

There really is no limit on what your custom corrugated dump bins and standees can look like. Our team of packaging specialists will work with you to clearly illustrate your brand and product messaging and manufacture stable and secure displays.

Fulfillment and AssemblyFulfillment/Assembly

Rely on our fulfillment and assembly expertise to manage your packaging from start-to-finish. Our specialized fulfillment and assembly services are used by customers in food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer products, and electronics.

The SupplyOne fulfillment and assembly team manages every aspect for you including packaging, warehousing, picking and packing, shipping, and labeling. Learn how our fulfillment and assembly services can speed time-to-market and improve cost efficiencies.

Shipping Cartons and Master CartonsShipping Cartons and Master Cartons

Custom corrugated shipping and master cartons ensure that your products are protected and secure throughout the entire shipping, handling, and delivery process. We offer a range of shipping and master carton options that can be manufactured to meet your specific requirements. 

Discuss Your Custom Corrugated Shipping and Master Carton Options.

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