Fueled by culture

A Message to Family Owned Businesses

When you’ve spent years building a company that’s earned a reputation as a leader in your market, you don’t take the decision to diversify your holdings lightly. As important as it is to realize a return on your life’s work building your business, it’s equally critical that your team and customers continue to thrive, and the unique culture that propelled your growth isn’t lost to an acquirer that doesn’t value the family-owned culture.

No better place to build upon a legacy of success

SupplyOne has earned distinction as the acquirer of choice for family-owned packaging companies in the US. Owners choose us because our culture mirrors their own. Rather than eradicate their culture, we preserve the grit, entrepreneurial spirit, and “run through a wall” approach to service and solving customer challenges missing in many of today’s businesses. Why? Because we believe a high-growth culture is the secret to putting exceptional people in a position to create outstanding results, making us the go-to choice for owners who want security for their management team and employees and to protect the culture that made them successful.

Slash and burn’s alter ego

Unlike acquirers who bleed cash and capabilities from the companies they buy, SupplyOne supports and invests in your team. We don’t rely on financial engineering and employee eliminations to drive profitability from acquisitions. Instead, the team you needed pre-acquisition remains post-acquisition. We provide security in exchange for a job well done, access to the most robust learning resources in our industry, and the opportunity to learn and collaborate with others across the organization.

SupplyOne asks owner leaders to stay with the SupplyOne post-acquisition to ensure a smooth transition. How long they stay is dependent on the owner’s timeline. We have company presidents who sold us their companies that have been with us for over twenty years!

40 reasons (and growing) why we’re the acquirer of choice

Since 1998, forty family-owned businesses have joined SupplyOne. Each acquisition is a case study of success and added value. We would be glad to put a potential seller in touch with some owners who have sold their businesses to us.

What it takes to be a SupplyOne company

SupplyOne acquires both sheet plants and packaging distributors with product lines that are compatible with ours, and where the addition of a SupplyOne capability will add new value for customers.

Our ideal acquisition target has revenues of $25.0+ million and a track record of profitable growth. We will acquire smaller companies if they can be combined with an existing SupplyOne location.

If you are considering diversifying your holdings and would like to learn more about setting your company up for its next growth phase, call 336-396-9474 to schedule a confidential conversation with Nathan Barton, SVP, Corporate Development & Acquisitions.


Note to Buyside Brokers – please do not call. We do not use buy-side brokers.