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Flexible Packaging Films

Protect and secure loads with stretch wrap, pallet wrap, and stretch film.


Flexible packaging films including stretch wrap, pallet wrap, and stretch film are all designed to provide stability around loads during movement. This highly elastic plastic stretch film also offers protection from both the elements and tampering risk.

SupplyOne carries a variety of stretch films for different industry sectors and applications including standard, extended core and black security wrap. With its high level of transparency and clarity, shrink film or shrink wrap from SupplyOne offers another layer of protection and sales appeal for your product.

For bundling shipping items, banding product on a pallet for internal transfer or wrapping pipe and wood to eliminate damage from sticky tape residue, our flexible film provides superior cling and puncture resistance. SupplyOne is your source for stretch wrap and shrink wrap packaging equipment.

Discuss how flexible film offers you an enhanced level of protection and stability.

Stretch FilmStretch Film

Stretch film is a highly elastic plastic film that is wrapped around loads to provide stability during shipping, transport, and other movement. Rely on stretch film to keep your products bound together tightly and to provide a level of protection from tampering and environmental factors. We carry a wide selection of stretch films for different applications and industry sectors.

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Shrink FilmShrink Film

Shrink film or shrink wrap is a thin film that is typically used to wrap a range of products with diverse shapes, sizes, and weights. This film offers a high degree of transparency and clarity, making it easy to see product features. Additionally, we carry specialized shrink wrap equipment, making it easy for you to wrap, protect, and secure your products.

Contact us to learn how shrink film can add sales appeal to your products and about our shrink film selection.

Shrink BagsShrink Bags

Shrink bags offer shrink-to-fit coverage that gives clarity and protection to a range of product sizes and dimensions. SupplyOne shrink bags give you an affordable layer of protection that delivers on tamper resistance, branding, and shelf appeal.

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Banding FilmBanding Film

Banding film is a great choice when you need both cling and puncture resistance. Banding film is a popular option when preparing items for shipment, banding products on a pallet for internal transfer, and as a replacement for adhesive tape.

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Polybags are typically used for packaging and shipping within a range of domains, including industrial packaging, food packaging or healthcare packaging. We have a wide variety of common polybag sizes in stock and ready for immediate delivery to you.

Learn about our custom polybag options including size, thickness, printing, and branding.

Polybag Sealers and TiesPolybag Sealers & Ties

Polybag sealers and ties are ideally suited to low to medium packers who need reassurance that their bags are sealed. Applicable for a range of industries, SupplyOne bag sealers are available in different sizes and in both manual and foot operated styles.  

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Polyethylene sheeting is a strong durable, multi-purpose, water resistant plastic material. Polysheeting is widely used in construction and agriculture as a dust barrier in demolition, to prevent soil erosion, and to protect agriculture equipment. This sheeting can also be used for asbestos abatement to enclose and seal areas when removing asbestos. Common applications for polyethylene sheeting include use on job sites, as a vapor barrier, as equipment and boat covers, as insulation or a moisture barrier, paint protection, and more.

Learn how polysheeting can help protect your products.

Poly MaskingPoly Masking

Poly masking films provide temporary protection against abrasion, dirt, scuffing and marring on a wide variety of surfaces ranging from solid surfaces, to plastics and from automotive parts to metals.

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