One goal: efficiency.

One supplier: us.

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Retail Store Services

The business of retail has countless moving parts. Get the clarity you need with SupplyOne as your single source for managing all your store supplies.

A big box inventory company can only sell you what they make. SupplyOne is unbiased, delivering the process that’s ideal for you. We build a custom program that focuses on your specific needs—whether that’s operating supplies, warehouse and fulfillment services, packaging for distribution centers and e-commerce business, or any combination of offerings. 

See it all. Control it all.

Understanding your operational spend is more than knowing an item’s price. Our industry experts look at the complete journey of a product—from manufacturing, to storage and handling, through to shipment and distribution. That allows us to deliver a comprehensive picture of your total cost of ownership. And that means opportunities for savings. You have access to ordering and reporting all through one portal, so you always have complete visibility and control.

Buy from many. Work with one.

SupplyOne isn’t a wholesaler or a catalog company. We’re a master distributer. Our direct access to industry-leading manufacturers allows us to negotiate the best prices on items you use continuously or one-time specialty purchases. By evaluating what you buy and where you buy it, we help you control, manage, and leverage your spend. And when consolidated with our service program that oversees the items you buy direct, we deliver a fully streamlined process—uncovering the areas that will maximize your buying power. 

SupplyOne delivers a custom program that focuses on your specific needs.

Whether you’re a regional retailer or a national brand, the products are different but the challenge is the same. SupplyOne is the key to unlocking the benefits of a streamlined procurement program for store operations.

The goods

  • Store supplies
  • Branded retail packaging
  • Ticketing, tagging, & labels
  • Uniforms & name tags
  • Cleaning & maintenance supplies
  • Office products
  • Lighting
  • Shipping supplies
  • Distribution center packaging
  • E-commerce shipping materials

Program services

  • Online order management
  • Specialty product sourcing
  • Custom billing & reporting 
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • New store openings
  • New store kitting 
  • Store direct fulfillment
  • Ongoing program review

Physical services

  • Pick-and-pack fulfillment
  • Kitting
  • Product consolidation
  • Cross-dock shipping
  • Store-direct fulfillment
  • Fee-based warehousing
  • Labeling
  • Transportation coordination