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The right packaging supplies can make a world of difference to your customers, your brand and your bottom line. This is why we put a wealth of best-in-class packaging products and custom manufacturing capabilities to work for you.

Protective Packaging & Cushioning

Protective Packaging Supplies and Cushioning

SupplyOne provides a massive selection of custom and stock interior packaging solutions to protect your products from damage caused by vibration, shock, temperature, pests, moisture, UV and more during handing, transportation and storage.

Our solutions range from custom foam packaging to cradle delicate parts or food items to bubble pack in rolls and sheets, air pillows, Styrofoam sheets, foam in place, foam loose fill (aka "peanuts"), void fill, packing tissue and poly-sheeting. We also carry anti-static and biodegradable inner packaging products.

Choose from a broad selection of standard void fill, spacers, liners and containers, or trust our packaging specialists to design a custom solution based on your product’s unique protection, dimensions, or packaging weight and strength requirements.  

Rely on our deep selection of biodegradable, disposable, recyclable, returnable, or reusable packaging and cushioning options. We offer stock and custom bubble wrap, loose fill, corrugated wrap, corner blocks, molded packaging, and void fillers.

Foam Fabrication Materials

Packaging Foam Foam is an economical, lightweight protective packaging option that ensures your products arrive to your customers free of damage and in excellent condition. 

When foam is designed for the unique dimensions and shipping requirements of your products, the result is exceptional protection and a high-quality unboxing experience your customers will admire.

Foam is nonabrasive and strong, and because it is moisture resistant, it is a deterrent to bacterial growth and mildew. With excellent cushioning properties, it’s a great choice for delicate components and parts as well as food. When combined with electrostatic properties it is ideal for electrical components.

  • Polyurethane: is lightweight and shock resistant with good moisture resistance properties. Polyurethane is an excellent choice for protecting delicate products and moisture sensitive food products.
  • Polyethylene PE Foam: denser than polyurethane, this foam is lightweight, resistant to moisture, and chemicals. Polyethylene PE foam is ideally suited for protecting food, products, and industrial applications that need moisture barrier and insulation properties and minimization of vibrations during shipping and handling. PE Foam packaging is available in regular and anti-static in bundles, rolls, tubing, die-cuts, pouches sheets, and bags.
  • Polystyrene: durable, strong, and impact resistant, polystyrene is the first choice for cushioning and shock resistance, ensuring your products arrive in perfect condition.
  • Antistatic polyurethane: this antistatic foam absorbs electrical charges while providing protection and cushioning for your electronic parts and components.
  • EPS: expanded polystyrene is available in a range of shapes, sizes, and dimensions.


Saw Cut FoamYour products deserve a custom fit

SupplyOne’s Packaging Specialists and Designers create custom fit foam packaging designed specifically to fit your product’s needs. With custom fit foam you get a protective solution that ticks all the boxes for protection and handling, fragility and cushioning requirements, mildew resistance, temperature sensitivity, and delivers a rich unboxing experience for ecommerce customers. 

Our conductive and reticulated foams fabrication processes include:

  • Saw cut
  • Die cut
  • Heat laminate
  • Hot wire
  • Glue

Discuss our custom foam fabrication options.

Foam-In-Place Materials & Systems

SupplyOne has a diverse selection of foam-in-place materials and systems that give your products cushioning, protection, and temperature resistance, ensuring your customers are satisfied with their purchase.



Foam-in-place systems offer all the protective benefits of foam during shipping, warehousing, and general handling. Because foam-in-place is easy to use, there are no delays or learning curves in packaging and protecting your products.

Protect your products regardless of size, shape, and weight with this foam that expands in seconds to form custom-fit cushioning and protection. Foam-in-place requires less storage space and reduces your material handling requirements when compared to traditional packaging materials. 

Foam-in-place gives you convenience and ensures your customers receives a damage-free product in a professional package. 

Polyethylene Foam Blocks & Sheets

Polyethylene foam is a strong and resilient closed-cell foam that is ideally suited to providing shock absorption. This closed-cell foam padding also dampens the effects of vibration. Polyethylene foam block and sheets are a top choice for any products that need delicate handling or require long-distance transportation.

Foam Loose FillFoam Loose Fill

Foam loose fill packing peanuts are available in traditional EPS foam or in a cornstarch based environmentally friendly material. This is a cost-effective way to fill packages for shipping. Discuss our antistatic and biodegradable inner packaging products.

Styrofoam SheetsStyrofoam Sheets

Styrofoam sheets are used to insulate the inside or outside of foundations. The material can come into direct contact with the earth without any degradation over time. These sheets can be installed on the outside of wall framing or between the studs, providing extra protection against flooding. Unlike fiberglass insulation, styrofoam sheets absorbs very little moisture and does dry out completely and quickly. 

Custom Die Cut Chase ElastomerCorrugated Inserts

Corrugated inserts are one of the utility players in the packaging world. Low cost and versatile, die-cut corrugated inserts do double duty by providing protection while showcasing your product. Custom die-cuts are easily printed and offer a positive unboxing experience. Need a custom insert? Contact us.

Corrugated Cardboard PadsCorrugated Cardboard Pads

Corrugated cardboard pads deliver superior padding between fragile items and are suited for use as a layering pad on pallets to disperse weight. Corrugated pads protect products from dust during storage and can prevent strapping and forklift damage.

Corrugated RollsCorrugated Rolls

Corrugated rolls are rigid, resilient, and are a recyclable paper-based packaging material. Designed for cushioning and puncture resistance, single-face rolls are ideally suited for flat products that need protection. Rolls are easy to handle and can be used to interleave or outer wrap and are ideal for filling a void within shipping boxes. S face corrugated rolls are made of 100% recycled biodegradable material that breaks down easily and naturally.

Corrugated Fan-FoldCorrugated Fan-Fold

Corrugated fan-fold is typically made to order to give you a custom fit for your specific box shapes, sizes, and to protect products of varying lengths and widths.  This corrugated insert is continuous corrugated board that is accordion folded into a bale. These bales can be pre-scored to fit your specification or not scored to package products of varying lengths and widths, helping you save money and reduce your multiple box SKUs.

BubblewrapBubble Wrap

Bubble wrap provides interior cushioning inside boxes to protect products during shipment. Choose from a variety of interior packaging options to protect your products from the external effects of handling and transportation. Bubble wrap rolls are available in multiple bubble sizes, perforation and widths to meet your specifications, making it easier for you to pack and ship.

Paper Void FillPaper Void Fill

Paper void fill is the environmentally friendly choice for filling the gaps in your boxes and packages, providing extra protection during shipping and handling.

Kraft PaperKraft Paper

Kraft paper is a 100% biodegradable natural product. The pulp is made from long virgin fibers of maritime pine and is not bleached, to ensure minimum chemical processing and to retain the wood’s natural color. Kraft paper biodegrades entirely naturally in few weeks returning to its initial form of cellulose fibers, which can then be fully assimilated back into its original natural environment, with no adverse impact on nature or human health.

Newsprint PaperNewsprint Paper

Newsprint paper is an economical choice for filling void areas and protecting small fragile items. This unprinted white paper is made from 100% recycled paper that securely wraps and cushions items.

Packing TissuePacking Tissue

Packaging tissue is available in sheets and rolls and is a versatile paper choice for wrapping, void fill, cushioning, and more.

Inflatable Air Pillows and CushioningInflatable Pillows & Cushioning

Inflatable air pillows provide a durable block and brace around your products, delivering reliable cushioning for light to medium weight products. The lightweight properties of air pillows helps reduce shipping costs and requires minimal storage space.


Polyethylene sheeting is a strong durable, multi-purpose, water resistant plastic material. Polysheeting is widely used in construction and agriculture as a dust barrier in demolition, to prevent soil erosion, and to protect agriculture equipment. This sheeting can also be used for asbestos abatement to enclose and seal areas when removing asbestos. Common applications for polyethylene sheeting include use on job sites, as a vapor barrier, as equipment and boat covers, as insulation or a moisture barrier, paint protection, and more.

Suspension PackagingSuspension Packaging

Suspension packaging suspends your product within the airspace of the shipping container. This protective action prevents impacts during shipping and handling and gives delicate and valuable products superior product protection.

Cornerboard & Edge Protection

The sensitive areas of your products need specialized protection and handling. Rely on SupplyOne cornerboard and edge protection solutions to keep items such as furniture, home decoration, electronics, and more protected and secure.

CornerboardCornerboards and Edge Protectors

Cornerboard or edge protectors work exceedingly well in protecting products from damage during shipment or while in storage. In addition to providing edge protection, the multiple layers of paperboard are laminated and molded to provide exceptional strength for lightweight through to heavy product demands.

Cornerboards and edge protectors also offer load containment, stabilization for strapped or stretch wrapped loads, uniform weight distribution, and extra support for double stacked pallets. SupplyOne has a variety of available sizes, configurations, and options including standard and custom printing.


Find out more about our custom cornerboard and edge protector printing options.


U-channels are pre-formed protective pads constructed of laminated layers of corrugated paper. These pads are designed to various thicknesses and lengths and are available with a non-abrasive liner to help protect your sensitive products. SupplyOne u-channels are available in widths from 3/4" to 5” and lengths from 6” to 150” with wall thicknesses ranging from 3/8” to 3/4”.

Flexible Packaging Films

Banding FilmBanding Film

Banding film is a go to for bundling or securing items while providing protection from dust and moisture.  The film works by clinging to itself, so there is no sticky residue, and is often used for internal transfer applications and to secure items for shipment. Banding film can be applied by hand, or with semi-automatic, or automatic equipment

Stretch FilmStretch Film

Stretch film, also known as pallet wrap can significantly reduce movement and jostling during storage and transportation. In addition to security, stretch film offers a measure of tamper evidence and protection from the elements. SupplyOne carries a variety of stretch films to address a multitude of packaging applications, with solutions that include standard, extended core and black security wrap.  Stretch wrap can be applied by hand, and by automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping equipment.

Shrink FilmShrink Film

Shrink film is used to secure products with complex, or varied shapes, sizes and weights.  It is made of a wide variety of gauges and plastics ranging from PVC to polyolefin, and depending upon its construction, is suitable for both manufactured items, distribution applications and food products. Shrink film is available in rolls, tubes, and bags, and in clear and colors.

Shrink film, also called shrink wrap conforms around items with the benefit of heat and can be applied with hand-held equipment, or for larger tasks, automatic and semi-automatic equipment. 

Shrink BagsShrink Bags

Shrink bags provide a quick and easy seal around items to provide a tight, form-fitting seal. Available in stock and customized options, they have high clarity, offer puncture resistance and are available in a wide variety of gauges.  SupplyOne offers a wide variety of domed and flat shrink bags for food and non-food applications, and pallet shrink bags for securing items for warehousing and shipping. 


Polybags are used in industrial and healthcare applications and for packaging foods. The bags can be sealed with ties, or with polybag sealing equipment. 

Need polybags quickly?  Choose from our robust offering of in stock polybags in a variety of thicknesses and gauges. Polybags can be plain or printed and are available in a variety of sizes and gauges.  Need custom solution?  We’re here for you.    

Poly SheetingPoly Sheeting

Polyethylene sheeting is a strong durable, multi-purpose plastic material. This water resistant plastic sheeting is extremely versatile and and can protect your products, machinery, and equipment from floods, leaks, and other unexpected water damage. Poly plastic sheeting is widely used in construction and agriculture as a dust barrier in demolition, and to prevent soil erosion and protection of equipment in agriculture. It is also used for asbestos abatement to enclose and seal areas when removing asbestos. 

Poly MaskingPoly Masking

Poly masking films provide temporary protection against abrasion, dirt, scuffing, and marring on a range of surfaces include plastics, metals, and other composite materials. 

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