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You know how it gets made.

We know how to package it.

Vacuum packaging using forming/non-forming film is one of many SupplyOne food packaging solutions

Food Packaging Program

When you work with a single point of contact, you get efficiency. When that contact is a food industry expert, you get better packaging, speed to market, and maximum savings.

Built on the foundation of our comprehensive Packaging Management Program, the SupplyOne Food Packaging Program uses that same consultative perspective to bring you guaranteed savings within 30 days. Our recommendations are the key to amplifying your purchasing efficiencies, slimming down your inventory investment, raising employee productivity, and freeing up production space. That all adds up to major reductions in your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Food Packaging brochure cover


Food Packaging brochure

When you work with a single point of contact, you get efficiency. When that contact is SupplyOne, you get better packaging, speed to market, and maximum savings.

We see it all.

We design programs that turn food packaging into profit. By assessing your needs completely and from all angles, SupplyOne finds the hidden costs in your packaging expenses. And that improves your efficiency and cash flow. We cover manufacturing, distribution, and a range of vital services. By working in-person and on-site, we learn directly from your key point people, allowing us to shed light on opportunities for process improvement and savings. Our 360º perspective allows us to engineer a fully streamlined process, tailored to your unique production environment. When you replace dozens of vendors with the independent guidance of SupplyOne, you’re free to focus on moving your products up the market ladder—and growing your business.

We only answer to you.

We’re not exclusively tied to any one type of packaging. That unbiased viewpoint means you can feel confident our recommendations are what’s best for your business—whether we’re advising you on vendors, materials, or any process components. Our Specialists have the industry knowledge and food processing experience to build high-quality, customized programs. That’s why when our team manages global sourcing and supply chain management, it’s always with your unique needs in mind. From primary to outer packaging and on to equipment, we dig deep to find the smartest routes to reduced direct costs and increased cash flow.

It’s our job to unlock hidden opportunities for maximum savings. It’s your job to decide how to reinvest that savings—just like it should be.

SupplyOne is the innovative partner you need for your food packaging.

One team. One point of contact.

  • Food Packaging Engineers & Specialists
  • Extrusion Engineers
  • Equipment Engineers
  • Film Specialists

Trained. Tested. Certified.

  • Thermoforming
  • Lidding films
  • Vacuum/shrink packaging
  • Modified & controlled atmosphere
  • Form/fill/seal (horizontal & vertical)
  • Bagging
  • Cup filling & sealing
  • Tray sealing & overwrapping
  • Liquid & dry material handling
  • Boilable & cook-in packaging
  • Labeling/marking & coding
  • HPP, retort & extended shelf life
  • Rigid packaging (clamshells, trays, and tubs)
  • Protective packaging
  • Many more