SupplyOne cuts out waste.

Food Packaging Program


A family-owned lamb and veal processor serving restaurants in America’s second largest city.

The problem

The handling of bone-in meat cuts was causing excessive packaging failures, or “leakers.” With too many packaging machines in their production line and costly vendor redundancy in both their janitorial and consumable packaging supplies, they were dealing with an abundance of inefficiencies. 

How we solved it

SupplyOne created a Food Packaging Program that redesigned the customer’s production flow and gave them access to our web-based e-commerce portal, 1Online. We identified a new film and pouch vendor providing the customer with a better product for less money, reducing leakers. 

Here’s why the customer is smiling

Our program reduced ordering costs and took the customer’s invoice number from 180 to 12. The 30% reduction in leaker rates cut waste and amped up customer satisfaction, and we improved their inventory management through significant SKU reduction of consumables. By thoughtfully eliminating excess packaging equipment, SupplyOne improved the customer’s efficiency and added much-needed production space. We enhanced their productivity and reduced the number of times packages are handled. 



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