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Plastic Thermoformed Products

We offer both stock plastic thermoformed and custom plastic thermoformed packaging options. Choose from in-stock trays and covers or get a custom designed plastics packaging solution.

Because we leverage the latest in thermoforming technology, SupplyOne reduces your overall packaging cost by improving product protection, automation and merchantability.

SupplyOne plastic thermoformed packaging gives our customers three key benefits: improved speed-to-market, improved cash flow with SupplyOne inventory programs, and cost-effective solutions that reduce overhead, shipping, and damage costs.

Array of thermoform packaging containing fruits and pastries

Cover Image: Stock Thermoformed Packaging brochure


Stock Thermoformed Packaging brochure

Reduce your overall packaging cost by improving product protection, automation and merchantability when you leverage the latest in thermoforming technology from SupplyOne.

Custom Thermoformed Packaging


Custom Thermoformed Packaging Amps Your Savings and Builds Your Brand

Array of Custom Thermoformed PackagingThe SupplyOne in-house design and engineering team takes you from idea to finished package in a matter of weeks – not months. Speed is on your side.

Custom packaging is often the most cost-effective thermoformed solution. The SupplyOne Plastics in-house design and engineering team has more than 40+ years of design and development experience in the thermoformed Industry. Our team puts our technical and industry experience to work every day to develop innovative, cost effective, and practical solutions for our customers.

Speed to market and exceptional quality are our top priority. That’s why we invested in state-of-the-art GN800 Thermoforming manufacturing technology, and a robust, onsite, in-house suite of capabilities to streamline packaging development. 

Our packaging engineers accelerate production with the latest 3D CAD equipment, in-house tooling, and robust sample process to deliver a custom product that meets your exacting standards. 

Our team is dedicated to giving you a custom solution that reduces packaging costs and improves efficiencies, protection and marketability across all domains and industries.

Contact our Plastic Thermoformed Packaging Specialists to learn more about our custom thermoform options, including:

Stock Thermoform TraysTrays

Stock and custom thermoformed trays are perfectly suited to keeping your small items secure during display, shipping, and delivery. Our thermoformed specialists can work with you to custom design trays for your medical, electronic, food, automotive, shipping, and packaging requirements.

Clamshell PackagingClamshells

Choose from our stock inventory, semi-custom clamshells, and custom thermoformed clamshell options. SupplyOne clamshells are available in a range of sizes and applications. Custom thermoformed clamshells are perfectly sized to your product needs.

Blisters and Trapped BlistersBlisters and Trapped Blisters

Add durability and tamper protection to your packages with blister packaging. Thermoformed blister packaging is an affordable way to showcase and protect your products. Blisters are ideal for providing complete product visibility and ease-of-use for in-store display. Talk to us about adding a blister card to give consumers value-add product information.

Two-Pieced PackagingTwo-Piece Packaged

Two-pieced packaging is perfectly suited for food and small items offering both tamper resistance and ease of opening and closing. Our thermoformed packaging specialists can help you choose the right materials for your two-pieced packaging requirements. There are no limits on what we can create.

Display PackagingDisplay Packaging

Our custom and stock thermoformed display packaging makes it easy for your products to stand out on store shelves. Whatever your product and display requirements, we can design and manufacture custom display packaging that fits. Talk to us about display packaging options including easy, open and close packaging, recyclable and environmentally friendly material, and high pressure processing. 

Rely on us for the broadest selection of in-line capabilities industry-wide, including

  • Die-cutting
  • Roller die-cutting
  • Heat sealing

Packaging Automation Integration:

  • De-nesting
  • Sealing
  • Handling

Contact our Plastic Thermoformed Packaging Specialists about our thermoform material flexibility

  • PVC/PVC Anti-Stat
  • Polypropylene (Homopolymer, Copolymer)
  • Polystyrene (High Impact, Oriented, Flocked, ABS)
  • Barrier, Laminated & Co-Extruded

Contact our Plastic Thermoformed Packaging Specialists to learn how we can give you customized packaging that fits.

In-Stock Plastic Thermoformed Products


Plastic Thermoformed ProductsWe have a deep selection of in-stock plastic thermoformed clamshells, trays, blisters, and blister cards. Our in-stock solutions are ideal for small parts manufacturers who want to protect and organize their products during manufacturing or secondary processes, and to keep their items secure and protected as they are transported to their customers.

Food processors will find the ultimate convenience with in-stock items like cake tray-lid combos and clamshells in a variety of sizes.

Download our Comprehensive In-Stock Solutions to learn more about our over 25 in-stock trays and covers.

Learn More About Our In-Stock Clamshells and Trays.

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