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Food Packaging Equipment


A dairy and cheese processor with two plants in two different states.

The problem

Due to problems arising from the distance between the two plants, logistical issues often arose—and the customer wanted to expand to additional states. A lack of in-house expertise led to inefficient automation and technology. Because bagging work was accomplished by outside co-packers, the customer did not have sufficient control over the packaging aesthetics. Finally, the image on the packaging was inconsistent, depending on the plant of origin. 

How we solved it

SupplyOne collaborated with key customer stakeholders and introduced our supplier capabilities to address manufacturing concerns (a manufacturing partner and four equipment partners). We outfitted them with new packaging equipment and improved their inventory management.  

Here’s why the customer is smiling

Now all products have an improved and consistent look—regardless of the plant of origin. We improved their production efficiency and gave them great control by eliminating the co-packer. Products are now able to be launched in a more timely manner. The customer also has an additional revenue stream through a new private labeling program, and a simple artwork change led to improved speed-to-market for new SKUs.



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