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Food Packaging Equipment


A branded dried meat processor of entry- to mid-level quality products serving the northeastern tri-state area, and distributing to restaurants and specialty stores.

The problem

As they looked to launch a new, high-end, eight-SKU product line, the customer needed to expand their customer base to include mass market marketers and improve profitability by commanding more for their products. They could not effectively manage packaging inventories and lacked the necessary space for efficient operations, storage of finished goods, and expansion. Plus, their existing equipment did not adequately address marketing and production requirements.

How we solved it

SupplyOne identified the customer’s packaging requirements through collaborative meetings with their key contacts. By introducing our manufacturing partner and shrink bag supplier, we applied our supplier capabilities to their manufacturing concerns. We upgraded their outdated equipment, allowing them to address image, marketing, and production requirements. 

Here’s why the customer is smiling

Our strategies enhanced the customer’s operational efficiency and cash flow by improving inventory management and introducing flexible bracket pricing and just-in-time deliveries. We ultimately improved their brand awareness through enhanced packaging design.



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