Sealing in Safety and Savings

Food Packaging

Eliminating Rework and Repackaging



A large meat processor that supplies brats, hot dogs, sausages and ring bologna to the retail market.

The Problem

Food processors count on the quality and effectiveness of their packaging solution to ensure product safety and to showcase it to the best effect. The customer was experiencing blowout issues with their forming film and needed a solution that would satisfy their deep draw application and eliminate the rework required due to removing product from failed packages and repacking it.

How We Solved It

SupplyOne’s Certified Food Packaging specialists evaluated the current packaging film and recommended a water quench forming film that was able to draw down to the desired pocket depth without failure.

Why the Customer is Smiling

The solution not only resulted in a more attractive package, the customer also experienced an immediate savings and improved throughput with the elimination of rework and repackaging. 

Small sausages in packaging