Revolutionizing Packaging for a High-End Cosmetics Powerhouse

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Revolutionizing Packaging for a High-End Cosmetics Powerhouse


The customer is a high-end cosmetics manufacturer known for their research, expertise, and innovations in skincare, health functional foods, and medical supplies, serving customers worldwide

The Problem

As the company's US-based manufacturing facilities grew to support their growing customer base, so did the number of packaging suppliers. Managing suppliers and packaging quality on a case-by- case basis created complexities within their operations, which meant dealing with unnecessary costs & inefficiencies. They wanted more control over their packaging expenses and to free up space for their continuing growth.

How We Solved It

SupplyOne's Certified Packaging Specialists conducted a thorough packaging assessment to evaluate opportunities to optimize the customer's packaging and streamline packaging-related activities across the customer's operations to enhance efficiencies and savings for the cosmetics powerhouse. Here are just four of the ways SupplyOne helped the company achieve its goals:

  1. The customer found themselves quickly running through stretch film in their transit packaging line because loads needed to be wrapped multiple times to ensure stability in transit. SupplyOne's Certified Packaging Specialists recommended a lower gauge film engineered to provide more stretch, better puncture resistance, and holding force. In addition, the thinner, lighter film provided direct cost savings and indirect savings from better load retention and less damage.
  2. SupplyOne reduced carton sealing tape costs and improved productivity by reducing the size from 2.0 mil to 1.7 mil and providing an alternative that saved the company $2.00 per case.
  3. SupplyOne's team helped the company overcome its space challenges by implementing an inventory management program and "Hold & Release" strategy. SupplyOne worked with the customer to ensure they had the products they needed when needed – all while keeping inventory levels low and turns high.
  4. SupplyOne consolidated the cosmetics company's invoices with summary billing, resulting in a significant reduction in invoices, allowing them to reduce their procurement costs and free up valuable resources for other activities.

Why the Customer Is Smiling

SupplyOne gave the customer more control over their packaging expenses. As a single point of contact, the customer is no longer managing multiple supplier relationships. It has eliminated complexity and cost within its packaging operations to save time, resources, and cash flow so that it can focus on what they do best - growing their business.

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