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A supplier of diagnostic medical technology and tests that fast-track lab results to hospitals and clinics across the United States.

The Problem

Companies that ship chemicals reagents are challenged to find packaging solutions that address their specific business needs, make it easy for their customers to work with the product once received, and keeps the product protected in transit. Reagents can pose a health risk to people, property and the environment if they aren’t packaged properly. They require packaging that will both safeguard the product and stand up to the rigors of transportation, handling and storage processes.

A SupplyOne designer received a phone call from an engineer at the medical company that he had never worked with before. The engineer explained his company would be distributing a reagent product to their customers across the United States. And, they needed a packaging solution, fast. He explained he had seen several packaging designs in use at his company and asked if SupplyOne could help.

How We Solved It

SupplyOne’s in house designer worked directly with the engineers at the medical testing company. As soon as he received the call from the customer’s engineer, the designer decided to visit the customer to clarify the engineer’s needs and get samples of the reagents. Once back at SupplyOne, he designed a tray for the company made out of on hand scrap material, returning to the customer with a sample by noon the same day.

The customer was enthusiastic about the design and function of the packaging, and immediately requested that it be put into production. Understanding their customers’ urgency, the product was produced and delivered the next day – solving the challenge within 24 hours.

Why the Customer is Smiling

This customer needed a custom solution and quick turnaround in order to service its customers. The SupplyOne design team developed and delivered a product, unique to their specifications, with the speed and urgency demanded by their customers’ business within a 24-hour period.

Not only did this packaging solutions help the client deliver on its promise to provide best-in class medical diagnostic services to their clients, SupplyOne streamlined the development process, eliminating the need for the engineer to source multiple suppliers to obtain all of the products that went into the final custom tray. 

Packaging Design as a Managed Service

Packaging engineering and design are just one of the many Managed Services SupplyOne provides its customers to streamline and simplify the packaging management process. 

Urgency and personalization are baked into our packaging solution framework. We know you need a solution, and you need it now.  Would you like to learn more? Are you ready to transform your packaging processes? Contact us today to learn more.

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