Mailing in Savings

Packaging Management

Mailing in Savings 


A large high-volume ecommerce company representing over 50,000 retailers was packing and shipping between 3,000 to 15,000 packages per day.  Conscious of the need to manage their working capital, they were looking for ways to lower their costs.

The company shipped a significant portion of their goods in padded mailers purchased from a large online supplier.  Not only were the mailers expensive, but they had to purchase and inventory a wide variety of SKU’s to keep up with customer demands.  Labor costs were high as keeping up with customer orders required more than 50 temporary workers who were tasked with filling, sealing and labelling each package.  


Together with Pac Worldwide, SupplyOne’s Packaging Equipment Specialists studied the existing packaging process.  They recommended the padded mailers be replaced with Pac Worldwide’s PJ3 PacJacket machinery with integrated ID technology and Print and Apply label capabilities. 

The PJ3 PacJacket machinery converts single bubble material into mailers as they are needed, eliminating the need to purchase and inventory multiple sizes of padded mailers, and is capable of producing 15-20 mailers per minute, vs. an average of one mailer per minute when packaged by hand. Given the volume of packaging activity at their facility, the ecommerce company purchased two PJ3 systems, along with the bubble web and label consumables as a comprehensive solution to support their high-volume packaging needs.

Why the Customer is Smiling

As a result of implementing the SupplyOne solution, the company has experienced gains in multiple areas.  They have

  • Dramatically reduced reliance on temporary packing workers leading to significant labor savings. 
  • Significantly reduced their materials and inventory costs by replacing truckloads of cases of padded mailers with rolls of single web bubble consumables that are formed into packaging on demand.  
  • Streamlined and simplified the packaging process and reduced shipping errors by replacing manual labeling with the ID technology Print and Apply Label applicators that sync with the company’s shipping software to apply a 4”x6” direct thermal label to each package as it’s processed. 
  • Improved their packaging – the single web design reduces the number of heat seals necessary to produce a finished package off the system and ultimately lends itself to a more secure package.

Teamwork between SupplyOne and PAC Worldwide was key to providing a comprehensive solution that increased the company’s efficiencies while reducing costs and freeing up valuable cash flow.

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