Gaining Control Over Inventory Costs

Food Packaging

Inventory Management and Just In Time Delivery



A manufacturer of gourmet Mexican popsicles and frozen desserts with multiple retail locations throughout the southwest, focused on expanding their footprint through franchises and company owned stores.

The Problem

The company was dealing with multiple packaging vendors. In order to get a lower cost, they were buying more product than they needed. Excess, and similar inventory items were consuming valuable space and resources from day to day operations. The owners of the company wanted to be able to count on a reliable packaging supplier to handle all of their packaging needs so that they could spend time focused on growing their business.

How We Solved It

SupplyOne’s Certified Packaging Specialists implemented our proven vendor consolidation strategy to streamline the packaging products the company needed for its operations. SupplyOne’s Packaging Specialists identified best in class suppliers to provide the customer with custom printed cups and lids, custom printed food trays, custom printed popsicle sticks and food service gloves. SupplyOne added an inventory management program that included warehousing the customer’s packaging on their behalf, freeing up valuable space in their stores. Finally, our team worked with the CEO and store managers to coordinate just-in-time delivery, ensuring each location has the packaging they need, exactly when they need it.

Why the Customer is Smiling

SupplyOne now is a single point of contact for all of the customer’s packaging and the customer is enjoying a new simplicity in their packaging management. Even better, SupplyOne does the work, and the customer maintains control. Thanks to SupplyOne’s inventory management and JIT program, the customer is enjoying additional space once allocated for inventory, is saving time and money, and the owners are now able to focus on what they do best.

Young boy wearing a hat and sunglasses, licking a popsicle