Eco-Friendly Packaging that Protects Profits


Eco-Friendly Packaging that Protects Profits


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The Problem

As part of their pledge to reduce their environmental footprint, the customer used paper void fill for their protective packaging needs. Although paper is sustainable, their customers complained about the excessive amount of packaging waste that awaited them as they unboxed their purchase. In addition, the paper was not providing sufficient protection during shipping and handling, resulting in damaged products and costly returns. The customer needed a solution to reduce their environmental footprint & protect their profits.

How We Solved It

SupplyOne’s Packaging Specialists teamed with Pregis to identify the best solution to achieve the customer's goal. They proposed replacing the paper void fill with Eco-friendly AirSpeed pillows. Made of 30% recycled material the film for the pillows is shipped in rolls and inflated during the packaging process. The inflatable pillows are engineered to perform, providing exceptional protection during shipping and handling. They are manufactured with reclaimed plastics and can be recycled and reused in future applications.

But the biggest savings were achieved by reducing damages and returns both of which have negative consequences for the environment and profitability. Reducing damage reduces:

  • Landfill Waste – Over 5 billion lbs. of damaged products end up in landfills every year
  • Environmental impact of manufacturing – High C02, gas, and electric usage
  • Fuel and emissions -Cargo freight and shipping – 3,038 tons of fuel per cargo ship crossing the pacific
  • CO2, gas and electric usage associated with warehousing
  • Packaging – 1 tree = 151 one cubic foot corrugate boxes
  • Replacement impact of duplicate product delivery, high C02, gas, and electric usage

Why the Customer Is Smiling

By switching to an eco-friendly packaging solution the customer was able to protect their profits, fulfill their corporate responsibility, and decrease packaging damages by 85% - keeping their customers happy too! The customer is saving $110,000 a year and continues to rely on SupplyOne for any packaging needs that they may have.

Open box with Pregis AirSpeed pillows showing