(Case) Sealing Up The Savings

Packaging Automation

Increasing Throughput



A food manufacturer producing national brand products and ingredients for top grocery marketers and manufacturers.

The Problem

The customer wanted to reduce the labor and time required to construct, load and seal their products for shipping. Their system was highly manual, with employees first taping boxes to seal the bottom, loading them with product, and then sealing the top closed.

How We Solved It

SupplyOne Packaging Equipment specialists met with the company’s production coordinator to study the current operation. The packaging line used a single sized box and SupplyOne recommended a case sealer to improve efficiency and eliminate the manual tape guns used by employees on the packaging line.

Why the Customer Is Smiling

The new case sealer process saves time on packaging, producing uniform looking boxes, and eliminates bottlenecks in the packaging process and speeds throughput. Even better, the customer has reallocated labor to a different line which has further improved productivity.

Case Sealer Machine