SupplyOne in the News: Unpacking EPR

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Why Manufacturers and Processors Should Prepare Now for the New Frontier in Sustainable Packaging

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is legislation that provides solutions and investment to mitigate the increasingly challenging objective of recycling waste.  EPR legislation intends to transfer or shift the financial costs associated with recycling waste from the taxpayer to the producers or brand owners whose product is using the packaging. EPR legislation will provide financial investment into the Materials Recovery Facility infrastructure by creating a shared responsibility for the collection, recycling and processing of post-consumer packaging.

As this legislation expands in the U.S., adjusting to EPR requirements will become increasingly challenging for manufacturers, food producers, brand owners, retailers, and e-commerce businesses.

SupplyOne’s Gary Cohen discusses what this expansion will mean for producers and how SupplyOne can help mitigate costs in Food Manufacturing. Read more here: