Smart Packaging for Smart Businesses

Custom corrugated manufacturing facility

Written by Jen Hocken

SupplyOne is unique in the packaging industry in that it offers manufactured products such as custom corrugated items, labels and plastic thermoforming from its manufacturing facilities while distributing a robust offering of other packaging. The company is able to provide customers a different perspective regarding their total cost of ownership for packaging – and has services for everything related to the packaging process including development, graphics, shelf-life, product protection, marketing and source reduction. Additionally, SupplyOne has a full-service equipment solutions program, including sales and installation of custom machinery and ongoing technical support. Due to the diversity of its portfolio and expertise, the company can address the total costs of the packaging supply chain.

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The company was founded 20 years ago by Bill Leith, the CEO and President of SupplyOne. He had a vision for the packaging world, believing an operating platform built around a customer's needs rather than manufacturing capabilities would be game-changing for the marketplace. He used this unique focus on improving customers’ profitability through cash flow to create an operating platform and unique packaging solutions that were more complete, intimate, and meaningful to customers than anything that existed.

He envisioned a national network of custom corrugated manufacturing facilities that would deliver high touchpoints of service and value on all types of packaging items. The platform would include both manufacturing and distribution, technical expertise, and an array of services that streamlined the supply chain—all in one unique and comprehensive offering.

“The company’s initial vision of delivering efficiency and increasing customer cash flow is still carefully executed every day.”

Since its beginning in 1998, SupplyOne has aggressively acquired established packaging companies. Each one is highly regarded in their local and regional markets, and distinguished by their quality products, packaging expertise, and responsive service. Together, they contribute to the broad capabilities and total packaging solutions demanded by both traditional and emerging businesses. The company’s capabilities embrace everything to do with packaging—from the outer package (including pressure-sensitive labels and distribution, services, expertise, and proven programs have grown into a singularly distinctive platform providing customers the customized solutions they need for their unique businesses. And the company’s initial vision of delivering improved profitability to its customers is still carefully executed every day.

SupplyOne is highly decentralized for a company of its size. “Each operating company location has a president, so the decision-making is close to the customer. It’s a very flat organization, which empowers people to do what’s best for the customer every day,” says SupplyOne Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Gary Bourdow.

The company prides itself on its ability to be nimble and to empower people to take personal accountability to the customer. “In turn, we have a culture here of helping other people be successful. That includes co-workers, customers and supplier partners,” says Gary.

SupplyOne is proud of the positive impact its employees have on its customers’ businesses. Its employees have a passion for results and continually strive to make this the first company to introduce new ways to bring value to a customer.

“Outstanding service is a group effort,” explains SupplyOne Director of Learning and Marketing Communications, Cheryl Clark. This method ensures that SupplyOne can always find the right solution for its customers. Teamwork and shared best practices and ideas enable the company to solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Employees inspecting meat packaging

Just as the needs of customers continue to evolve, so do the skills and knowledge necessary to expertly address them. SupplyOne employees benefit from continuous training and development opportunities.

When hiring, SupplyOne looks for more than knowledge and experience; it also seeks people who have an entrepreneurial drive and are innovative, accountable and willing to do what is right for the customer.  “We believe our people make the difference, which is why we invest heavily in the personal and professional growth of our employees. We encourage continuous learning and developing capabilities for success today and in the future,” says Cheryl. 

In addition to a focus on leadership, every employee has access to role-specific learning plans, coaching, certification and courses designed to enhance confidence, capabilities and contribution.  

“The company is able to provide customers a different perspective regarding their packaging and has services for everything that goes into packaging processes.”

Since the company is a manufacturer of corrugated boxes, custom labels and custom trays, it has the design capabilities at all of its facilities to create new custom packaging every day to suit customers’ needs. Its in-house designers and fourteen in-house packaging engineers have over fifty-five years of experience in equipment, polymers and paper to create any kind of custom application or solution.