How SupplyOne's Parcel Shipping Consultation Service Increases Confidence and Cash Flow

Parcel Audit Hero

All businesses continue to strive to provide more responsive service through fast order turnaround and delivery to help secure a broader, more loyal customer base. As a result, parcel delivery services have come to play an increasingly significant role in business distribution strategies. 

As in other facets of business, increased demand, rising fuel and material costs and labor challenges have led parcel shippers like UPS, FedEx and DHL to increase their rates. Early this year, to offset their increased transportation costs, they also added fuel surcharges to shipping fees based on weekly fuel spot rates calculated per pound shipped.  

In this inflationary environment, business owners and the c-suite are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve the visibility of their spending to free up resources and cash flow for their operations. These efforts include making sure they are invoiced correctly and not overcharged for the products and services they buy.

And while the use of expedited shipping via UPS and FedEx is a growing cost center for many businesses, there are multiple reasons why evaluating parcel rate contracts and auditing shipping invoices can lack the priority that other cost centers may have. The complexity of the rate contracts and committing resources to an audit process are the two primary reasons most companies are unable to reduce the associated costs.

How SupplyOne Can Help Uncover Hidden Shipping Costs - and Recoup Them

Fortunately, SupplyOne can help. A full-service packaging supplier, SupplyOne is a single point of contact for custom packaging, packaging supplies, packaging automation, and a robust suite of services that take cost out of every aspect of packaging ownership.

One such Managed Service is the Parcel Audit Service. This service requires no up-front costs for engagement and will provide a thorough analysis of the base rate contract, guidance on renegotiation to new, lower, auditable rates and an automated solution for post-shipment auditing in the following areas:

  • Incorrect base rates
  • Surcharge oversights
  • Discounts that haven’t been applied
  • Late deliveries
  • Duplicate invoices
  • Dimensional weight errors

The initial consultation and analysis, utilizing a proprietary process is free of charge.

How SupplyOne's Parcel Audit Will Help Your Business

The Parcel Audit uncovers and returns money to you that can be reinvested into your business, giving you more working capital to spend in other areas to help you grow. And, because the process is automated, no additional headcount is needed, freeing up time and resources for more critical business-building activities. 

The Parcel Audit service is one of many complimentary Managed Services designed to help you unlock supply chain value to maximize efficiencies and free up time and resources. If you'd like to put SupplyOne's Parcel Audit Service to work for you, give us a call or email us today.