How On Demand, Custom Box Making Technology Solves Shipper Challenges

On Demand, Custom Box Making Technology Solves Shipper Challenges

On demand, custom box making technology helps shippers solve the challenges that come with operating in a competitive market space by minimizing production related staffing issues, enhancing packaging quality, supply chain efficiencies, and more.

Regardless of the niche, every shipper is dealing with a core set of challenges that slowly but surely eat away at profitability and increase their total cost of packaging ownership:

  • Inventory issues culminating from inaccurately sized, and poorly constructed boxes, slow manual box production, and outdated corrugated stock.
  • Lack of experienced and consistent staff to operate warehouse and distribution centers.
  • Increased customer expectations for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. Customers are quick to post unboxing videos and photos highlighting an oversized box, excessive padding, or damaged packaging.
  • Ensuring that packaging complies with the latest changes in DIM weight requirements and pricing.
  • Costs associated with short-run demands or holiday season planning.

These challenges are exacerbated when shipping a diverse and variable set of products.

Custom, on-demand box making technology takes the pressure off of shippers, making it easier to pivot to customer and internal demands.

On Demand Box Making

Automated box making technology streamlines packaging by creating boxes on demand, and custom fit, to the exact specifications of a product.  Using automated and intelligent technology, the capabilities of this advanced machinery can range in function from building, filling, and sealing boxes to loading, wrapping, and stacking pallets, to optimizing any other step in the packaging process.

In addition to a custom fit, the technology is fast – and can measure, build, fill, and seal a custom package in as little as seven seconds.  Auto-boxing technology is one such example of an automated packaging solution that removes packaging, staffing, and shipping pain points for companies.

By optimizing every step of the packaging process, on demand box making equipment makes it easy for companies to fill orders on-time while minimizing the overhead costs that come with damaged boxes, excess inventory, staffing issues, and material waste.

The right automated packaging solution directly translates to savings. Consider this data from QubeVu, “Research estimates that pick-to-box methods reduce pick time by as much as 10%. Imagine the bottom-line impact of a 10% increase in your outbound package stream without any additional labor cost. For a company that ships 100 packages a day with an average COGS of $15/parcel, that would increase revenues by $150/day, or roughly $37,500/year.

The best on demand auto box solutions gives you complete control over the box making process. This advanced auto-boxing technology allows companies to make the exact-sized and type of box required on a box-by-box basis, and more including:

  • Produce the right size box for any order.
  • Increase turnaround by making boxes on demand.
  • Reduce delivery costs for prices calculated on volumetric weight.
  • Increase valuable warehousing space by eliminating mass box storage.
  • Print logos or instructions onto boxes with single and two-color digital printing.
  • Enable shippers to provide excellent customer service with fast delivery of small order quantities.

Is On Demand Box Making Technology Right For Your Business?

To determine if this technology is right for your business, ask your packaging partner these questions:

  • How does the solution meet my unique packaging and shipping needs?
  • What is the break-down on the ROI for the machinery?
  • What happens if the machine requires servicing?
  • Where can I see the auto-boxing equipment or other machinery in operation?
  • How does this automated packaging solution meet the challenges of seasonal orders, short run, staffing concerns, inventory management, and waste reduction?

In this modern era of dimensional and automated packaging solutions, there is no need to be burdened with challenges around staffing, packaging quality, supply chain efficiencies, and shipping rates.  On demand custom box-making technologies could be the right solutions for your business.

SupplyOne is proud to offer the Kolbus AutoBox Boxer as part of our packaging automation equipment options.

Contact us or call us today to learn how an automated packaging solution can streamline your packaging process, thereby improving cost efficiencies and save you money.