Why You Should Be Working with a GMP Compliant Packaging Supplier

GMP Compliant Packaging Supplier

Safety continues to be top of mind for our food processing and pharmaceutical customers because consumers demand safe, high-quality, wholesome products. 

"Our goal is to give our customers confidence in their packaging. They want and need packaging that protects their products and maximizes freshness through packaging, repackaging, storage, distribution, and sales to their end-users. GMP recognition is one well-respected way to give them that confidence." said Bill Sammons, SupplyOne's Safety and Quality Control Program Director.

GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices, are part of the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) food safe prerequisite programs. GMP plays a critical role in protecting products intended for human consumption like food, beverages, medicines, and pharmaceutical products. 

The GMP audit ensures that products are safe for human consumption and use, and that contamination is prevented from manufacturing to delivery to the customer. Non-biased, third-party sources conduct GMP and GDP (Good Distribution Practices) audits through an evaluation that spans food safety systems, secure handling of the product, and hygienic employee practices. 

Companies earn certification when they prove

  • Proper allergen management standards are being followed.
  • The company is adhering to prerequisite programs, such as effective sanitation and pest control programs.
  • Compliance with applicable regulatory standards is being maintained.
  • The company has an effective system of continuous improvement, verification, and validation for the safety of the customer's products.

The evaluation is thorough and covers operating and environmental conditions. 

"As packaging manufacturers and distributors, the way packaging is made, customized, handled, stored, and distributed all play a part in packaging safety. The GMP / GDP auditors review and evaluate our standards and practices, employee training, preventative maintenance programs, transportation, storage and cleaning, and sanitation practices. They are equally interested in our quality procedures, supplier monitoring, product traceability, and more." Said Sammons.

As a result, our customers are assured that we focus on the highest quality standards and adhere to proven food safety practices.  

The GMP / GDP audit is entirely voluntary and is another way SupplyOne demonstrates our commitment to the protection and safety of our customers' products. SupplyOne also provides a host of complimentary Managed Services that simplify supplier quality management and compliance. Bill Sammons said, "Our goal is to simplify packaging management and enable our customers to focus on what they do best."

Choosing SupplyOne for your food packaging needs means minimizing risks by working with a packaging partner that cares about your product's safety as much as you do. To learn more about how SupplyOne can help you with your food safety program and compliance, contact us, or call us at 485-582-2005.