Five Ways a Case Erector Improves Productivity

Five Ways a Case Erector Improves Productivity

An efficient and smooth production line is a must for any manufacturing or distribution company, regardless of size and market space. When the production line runs to schedule with zero downtime, it is much easier to manage inventory, staffing requirements, pricing, and productivity.

A case erector can be a real asset to productivity, and its benefits extend from efficiency to inventory management, and from speed to market to employee satisfaction.

Using a case erector makes sense for any manufacturer or distributor who is driven for a need for speed to market, predictable production capabilities, and a drive to minimize packaging management costs.  Consider these five core ways a case erector benefits the production line:

  1. Improved Productivity
    A case erector significantly improves box assembly efficiency. A Lantech case erector for example, can c increase productivity increase by upwards of 233% by erecting 3 times the boxes a human can assemble in the same amount of time. This capability frees employees for other value adding tasks and extends the company’s capabilities to meet customer demands. This is especially advantageous during high peak seasons and when there are unexpected increases. Orders can be met with limited stress to regular production.
  2. Reduces Inventory Demands
    Boxes take up space. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers and distributors to wrestle with balancing their need to be shipment-ready with the cost and space demands of storing assembled boxes. Using a case erector allows for effective planning and production to fulfill large shipment and last-minute orders – and its ability to scale on demand reduces the inventory carrying costs associated with the  management of storing and transporting pre-erected boxes.
  3. Easier Employee Scheduling
    With the unique demands of the Internet economy along with growing customer expectations for same-day delivery, it can be challenging to manage employee scheduling. Most companies attempt to meet the demands of larger orders, holiday periods, and changing customer demands by adding more people to a limited workspace, and along with this added overtime expenses. Production from packaging automation equipment like a case erector can ramp quickly to meet demands without the necessity of adding additional labor.  Manpower required to complete the assembly task is predictable, as are employee’s schedules.  Production levels are easily adjusted to respond to customer demands, reduces overtime, and allows employees to be reassigned to other value-added activities. 
  4. Reduced Workplace Injuries
    A healthy and supported workforce is s productive one. When employees are performing the same task over and over again, repetitive strain and other injuries are a reality. Offloading repetitive tasks to equipment like case erectors allows companies to reduce injuries related to repetitive motion.
  5. Reduced Damage
    A square box is a strong box. However, given the human element, there is always the prospect that a box can be out-of-square, and therefore weak, not easily stackable on a pallet, and cannot handle the expected weight load. This adds up to higher shipping damages and ultimately dissatisfied customers. Assembly by a case erector provides a consistent, in square and strong, stable carton.  This means confidence that products are protected during storage and transportation.

The Right Equipment for the Right Application

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