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Packaging Management Program (PMP)


A seller of processed nuts to retail, box store, and bulk export markets with an estimated packaging spend of $1.8M–$2.5M.

The problem

Due to fluctuating crop yields and variance in growing conditions, the availability of raw product was inconsistent. The customer had difficulty effectively managing packaging inventories, mainly resulting from excess purchasing beyond what was necessary to receive bracket pricing. There was insufficient space for operations, storage of finished goods, and expansion.

How we solved it

Applying our PMP strategies, SupplyOne Food Packaging Specialists introduced improved custom packaging solutions for primary packaging film. We engaged in collaborative meetings with key customer contacts and proposed a Managed Services agreement to address their inventory management and just-in-time deliveries.

Here’s why the customer is smiling

We supplied the customer with a dedicated packaging partner, bringing them a single point of contact and fewer vendors. Through bracket pricing flexibility and better inventory management, they now enjoy greatly improved cash flow. Their enhanced operational efficiency freed up time for the plant manager and key employees, improved inventory management and use of space, and upgraded their just-in-time deliveries.



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